Water Fight!

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Water Fight! Fracking, Food, Art & Economy on May 16th at The New School.

To register for Water Fight! please visit:



Water Week is here!

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Water Week has arrived!

From March 28th to April 1st, The New School is taking a deeper look at water.

From art installations, tours of underground water ways, international panels, student led activism, movie showings, guest speakers, boat building, musical performances and round table discussions – students and faculty of The New School are sharing knowledge on water related issues, focusing globally and locally.

There are over 20 events planned from Monday to Friday, most of which are open to the public. For a full list of events, visit www.newschool.edu/events/waterweek

No hydrofracking in my backyard, thanks

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The search for clean gas alternatives threatens our drinking water supply. Photo: from WGXC Newsroom.

Hydrofracking is a new methodology for getting at natural gas reserves underground. Great! A new source of clean energy!

Actually, it’s not so great. Turns out this way of getting at the natural gas has hugely negative implications on our environment, and our drinking water supply.

During Water Week (March 28th-April 1st at The New School), we’ll be learning a lot about hydrofracking and what it means for our environment and for the affected communities including New York State, and New York City.

To learn more, check out today’s article in the New York Times.

Some ideas on water in the city

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Early days of the New York City water system. Photo: liquidinfrastructure.info

On Radiolab. With some amazing stories gathered across the decades. Click here for some educational entertainment.

Water (Dis)courses supports Environmental Studies at TNS

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The Environmental Studies program at The New School has an exciting speaker series this Spring semester. Many of the issues being discussed are related to water, so don’t miss out!

Seven Tuesdays throughout the semester at 6:00pm. See the schedule at http://envirostudies.parsons.edu/

NYC + Water + The New School in the news

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Heated negotiations are once again underway between New York City and its upstate neighbors over protecting the City’s watershed. With dozens of other water conflicts brewing, from San Francisco to Dubai to South Africa, it is a good time to glean the unusual and somewhat provocative leadership lessons being learned in New York’s own backyard…

Above is an excerpt from Milano student Eric Martin’s recently published article in Environmental Leader, a prominent daily online publication in sustainability leadership.

Read the whole story here: Adaptive Leadership in the NYC Watershed



We have video!

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We have video! A still shot of Victoria Vesna, Director of Research, School of Art, Media and Technology, presenting "New School Waterbodies"

Thanks to Professor Michie Pagulayan’s student team from the School of Art, Media, and Technology (AMT) at Parsons, we have a full recording of the Water (Dis)courses February 4th Kick-Off Event. Please follow this link to the Parsons Streaming Culture site to watch the full series of presentations from last Friday.

Kick-Off: Success!

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Bill Morrish, Dean of The New School’s School of Constructed Environments, was the MC for the afternoon

The February 4th Kick-Off Event was an incredible success!

Faculty members from across The New School presented on a variety of topics, focusing on the different forms of representation of water and water-related issues.

Each presentation was in a modified PechaKucha style, meaning each faculty member had a maximum of 5 minutes to make their points before the next presenter’s slides started. It was a new format for most of the faculty, and they did an amazing job.

Thanks to Victoria Vesna and Joel Towers, we had a team of students recording the afternoon’s events. Stay tuned for a link to a recording of all the presentations!

The range of topics presented, and the names of our fantastic faculty presenters, are detailed below:

  1. Victoria Vesna – New School Waterbodies
  2. Brian McGrath – Shifting from the sanitary to the sustainable city: the Viele map of Manhattan
  3. Victoria Marshall – Ritual + Weather: A rooftop garden at The New School
  4. Philip Silva – Mob Geographies: Crashing the Gateway of New York/New Jersey’s waterfronts
  5. Mara Haseltine – Science, art and environmentalism: Oysters
  6. Jean Gardner – You + Water: pedagogy and environmental/sustainability crises
  7. Rob Buchanan – ‘Sponge park’ for storm water mitigation at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
  8. Paul Ryan – a short film, Water
  9. Haodong Wu, a fourth-year undergraduate from Mannes performed “Reflections in the Water” from Images, Book I by Claude Debussy
  10. Jackie Brookner – Biosculptures/The Art of Water Remediation
  11. Lisa Bjorkman – Seven Methods of Water Access in Mumbai
  12. Nidhi Srinivas – Water harvesting in Rajasthan
  13. Antina von Schnitzler – Soweto Water Wars
  14. Tom O’Donnell – Venezuela most polluted lake, Lake Maracaibo: Oil Under Water
  15. Katayoun Chamany- Health and the environment: Cholera

Water Week will be taking place from March 28th to April 1st. The range of activities is incredible, and still growing! If you are inspired to contribute, or have any questions about Friday’s Kick-Off Event, don’t hesitate to be in touch. You can email us at waterdiscourses@gmail.com

Semester Kick Off

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This semester the New School is celebrating Water. Drawing on intellectual, creative strength present throughout The New School, Water (Dis)courses is a collaborative initiative seeking to display the cross-disciplinary work on Water across The New School. Get ready for an exciting series of 5-MINUTE lectures by Professors from Parsons, NSSR, NSGS, Eugene Lang, Milano, and Mannes.

Join us at our Kick-Off Event!

When: Friday February 4thFrom 2:30 to 4:30pm

Where: Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street

Topics include: New School Waterbodies |  Ritual + Weather |   Fracking | Water + Video | Bioscultures/The Art of Water Remediation |  The Student Roof Garden: “Weather Tunnel: Weather Temple” |  Seven Methods of Water Access in Mumbai |  Science, art and environmentalism |  Cholera: A Paradigm for Water Borne Disease |  Shifting from the Sanitary City to the Sustainable City: NYC |  Music from Mannes “Reflections in the Water” |  Building a sponge park at the Brooklyn Navy Yard  |  Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo: Oil under Water |  Water Harvesting in Rajasthan, India |  Mob Geographies of New York and New Jersey |  Soweto’s Water War

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